Removing a tree from your lawn can quickly destroy your property’s beauty. Now, you may ask if it is possible to replant a tree in that space or not. 

Yes, replanting in the same spot is possible, but experts don’t suggest choosing the exact spot where a tree was. However, you obviously can plant a new tree if you know how to replant a tree in the same spot. 

First, you must remove all the existing parts of the previous tree and clean the surface. Next, you should give the soil some time to recover as there was a hole. Moreover, you must apply some more soil to improve the recovery process, and so on.

Want to know more about how you can proceed with the planting? Keep reading till the very end. 

How to Replant Tree in Same Spot?

Sometimes you may need to remove a tree for some reasons like disease, danger, or when the tree is dead. However, no matter why you cut the tree, it looks terrible when you have a big hole in the ground. So, planting after stump grinding would be ideal and make your garden or lawn more beautiful.

But you have to take care of some things and carefully follow some steps while replanting another tree in the same spot. Let’s see the steps you need to maintain and the efforts you must put into replanting a new tree.

Remove the Old Tree’s Parts

The tree trunk may be left after cutting down, or there may be old roots. You must remove the roots from the previous tree and other particles that may be present there.

You can also find some sawdust on the ground, which is quite natural after removing an old tree. So, you have to clean the whole area before preparing it to plant another tree.

Give it Some Time to Recover

Cleaning the surface is not enough to prepare a specific spot for replantation. The soil needs some time to recover and be ready to have another. That’s why it is better not to replant another tree within a year of uprooting the previous one. Moreover, you can consider fall as the proper time to plant new seedlings or saplings. 

The soil will slowly recover over time, but you must put the soil to fill the gap. Thus, it will be like before, and you can plant another tree on the spot.

Test the Soil after the Recovery Time

You can call an arborist or a professional during the season or after the time interval. They will test your desired spot soil and let you know if it’s ready to have another plant. If they ensure you are suitable for planting another tree, you can proceed further. 

Sometimes the professional may suggest you set the small tree at least two inches from the exact spot because it is challenging to prepare the exact area completely. So, you must follow what the experts say after observing the soil. 

Choose the Correct Plant

Understanding the soil’s condition and choosing the right plant for the spot is necessary. If you fail to pick one according to the soil fertility, the result may be a failure. So, choose the tree sapling wisely. 

Moreover, you must pick a tree with tiny roots and take support from the soil. So, choosing a tree that is 5-6 inches long is good. Thus, the tree can easily be set on the ground and grow its roots inside. Experts also suggest keeping those plants in pots with soil for some days.

Start Planting the Tree

First, you must specify the spot after the soil test and dig a hole there. Please ensure that the hole is of the correct size for the plant. It shouldn’t be too big for the tree or not too congested because the roots will grow inside. 

That is an essential part because the measurements need to be correct. The growth depends much on how accurately you dug the hole. 

Place the Tree Root

Get the small or medium-sized tree out of the pot without damaging any part of it. Next, you must carefully place the tree’s bottom inside the hole. You can’t damage the root while planting it inside; otherwise, it can affect tree growth.

After setting the seedlings or tree, you must put some soil to fill the gap. You must ensure that the tree roots need space to grow, but you can’t let them stay exposed. Exposed roots can easily catch pollution and diseases through the organisms around them. 

Put Fences Around It 

Moreover, a tree’s protection also matters when it’s new or not strong enough. A new tree needs support from something substantial until it is strong enough for self-growth. So, you can put a pole that supports the tree to grow fast

Protecting your trees from the animals and birds around would be best. So, fencing around the newly planted tree helps protect it from others. But make sure you are not interrupting sunlight to reach the tree.

Water the Tree and Put Some Fertilizers 

After setting the tree and securing it, you must take good care of it. Watering the new tree regularly is a part of plant care, but don’t overdo it. Excessive water is not good, especially when the tree is not big enough. 

If necessary, you may add some fertilizers to the soil to make the soil more fertile. Please don’t put too many of them because that might kill the tree.

Bottom Line 

It is not suggested to replant in the same spot where there used to be a tree unless there is no other spot around. So, if you have no other options, you must know how to replant trees in the same spot.

Please remember that the steps before tree plantation are more critical than those of the process. Moreover, it is also essential to maintain the tree after setting it on the ground.